OCB Bamboo Cone King Size 3Pk




The OCB Bamboo Cone King Size is a premium pre-rolled cone made from bamboo fiber and flax paper. This unique combination of materials creates a smooth and slow-burning cone for an enhanced smoking experience.

The bamboo fiber used in these cones provides additional strength and durability, ensuring that they won’t easily break or unravel. The flax paper adds a natural and eco-friendly element to the cones, making them an excellent choice for environmentally-conscious individuals.

Each cone is meticulously crafted to perfection, delivering a consistent and even burn throughout. The King Size design allows for a larger capacity, so you can pack more of your favorite tobacco or herbs.

The OCB Bamboo Cone King Size also features a built-in filter tip, which helps to reduce harshness and provides a smoother draw. Say goodbye to hand-rolling and enjoy the convenience of a pre-rolled cone that is ready to be filled and enjoyed.

Experience the quality, sustainability, and craftsmanship of the OCB Bamboo Cone King Size for yourself. Elevate your smoking session and enjoy the unmatched flavor and satisfaction that this premium cone offers.
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